【Peregrination 旅‧歷】10/21~11/8邀請您!(國際交流展)
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  •  2014-07-18


Peregrination 旅‧歷 (國際交流展/ International Exchange Exhibition) 

Peregrination wishes to show how the world, people and their surroundings are constantly changing. It hopes to make the viewer consider how everything they see smell and touch on a day to day basis changes in a ever revolving world. 

日期 / Date
2014/10/21-2014/11/8 (year/month/day)

開幕茶會 / Opening Reception
2014/10/22(三) 下午5:30

展覽地點 / Exhibition Venue

Angelina Farrugia/Rosie Barnes/于繼韜/陳英樺/梁祐寧/張?苧/ 蔡東霖/羅嘉惠