About the Cultural and Creative Industry Park


Brief introduction of the Cultural & Creative Industries Park


‧Office History 
In order to strengthen connection between academic institutions and industries, National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) set up “Cultural & Creative Office” in 2009. The purpose is assisting students to develop professional expertise in their fields and to grow cultural and creative industries.


The Cultural & Creative Office takes as the central aim operating of the Cultural & Creative Industry Park in order to achieve three goals: to develop it into a national demonstrative base to display how industries–university technology cooperation works, to greatly increase the university-industry funding and to enhance national competitiveness.


‧The park History
National Taiwan University of Arts makes a good use of an abandoned paper factory nearby to set up the Cultural & Creative Industry Park in 2007. It is the first example of running an industry park in Taiwan.


‧Spatial Planning
The Cultural & Creative Industry Park occupies 2.7 hectares of land. The space in the park is mainly used for studios, teaching and research centers.Approximately 10 artists work at studios in the park as well. In addition, the park also holds workshops for teaching and research of metal, ceramics, print, paper repair and rehearsal rooms for troupes.


‧Direction ?of Management 
Operating university-industry cooperation is the main purpose for the Cultural & Creative Industry Park. Five programs under the cooperation are as follows: teaching and researching development and innovation, industry cultivation, aesthetic value and product marketing. Not only does the park provide cooperation opportunities for NTUA’s teachers and students and industries, but it also offers chances for visitors having enjoyable experiences of arts.


‧Available Services in the Park
The Cultural & Creative Industry Park offers a great chance for those who are interested to be artists. The park provides DIY activities within various materials such as class, colored glaze, felting wool, wood, clay and silver to make artworks. As artworks are done, visitors can take them home as souvenirs.

Strolling under green trees in the spacious park area and surrounded by the combination of technology and modern art and the blend of antique and contemporary atmosphere, visitors can sense the aura of arts in the Cultural & Creative Industry Park.
Please visit us and have fun in the Park. We welcome you all.
Open Hours: 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Saturday.
※Please make a reservation in advance if A Tour Guide for Groups or/and DIY Experience are needed.


Director: Chiang, Ting-Fu (02-82751414 ext.201)

Supervisor: Fan Chen-Hao (02-82751414 ext.208)
Supervisor: Will Lee (02-82751414 ext.220)

Senior Clerk of Planning Department:Chen CHia-lin (02-82751414 ext.206)
Assistant of Marketing Department: Lin Ko-Fan (02-82751414 ext.204)

Planning and marketing departments are set under the Cultural & Creative Office (C&C Office). The C&C Office also set the advisory committee serving for information providing and consulting. Five main duties are the C&C Office are responsible for include:

(1) to give an impetus to the park reorganization and management

(2) to foster the value of arts and creative industries

(3) to introduce outstanding cultural creative industries to the C&C Industries Park and to launch cooperation

(4) to establish the marketing platform for cultural creativity products

(5) to popularize the idea that culture and creative is part of life.


‧Planning Department
1.Dealing with cultural creative industry in three aspects: Industry–university technology cooperation, integrated proposals, and project grants.
2.Mapping, repairing, managing and maintaining garden architectures and equipments for Cultural Creative Industry Cooperation Park.
3.Planning and implementation of administrative guidelines and management related to cultural creative industry.
4.Taking charge of legal system, official correspondences, files, official seals, general affairs related to Cultural Creative Industry.
5.Budgeting, accounting, and statistical matters related to Cultural Creative Industry.
6.Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers.
7.Coping with assigned action items.


‧Marketing Department
1.Exhibitions, network marketing and project sales related to Cultural Creative Industry.
2.Teaching courses, consulting services, and international exchange related to Cultural Creative Industry.
3.Industry promotions, information investigation and industry matching related to Cultural Creative Industry.
4.Media liaison, information systems maintenance and other support services related to Cultural Creative Industry.
5.Examination, management and performance related to ?Artist-in-Residence.
6.Coping with assigned action items.


‧Contact Us 
The Park’s Address: 22058 No.28, Section 2, Daguan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
The Park’s Webpage: http://portal2.ntua.edu.tw/ccid/ 
The Park’s Tel. No: 02-82751414 
The Park’s Email: ccid@ntua.edu.tw